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The support and understanding has been the most beneficial experience of my life.

I've always thought my life was relatively ok, but suddenly being made redundant a year or two ago just seemed to knock me for six. My moods would swing from one extreme to the other.

David's story

My confidence has risen and I’ve learned to put strategies in place help me for future relationships.

Counselling FAQ

Our aim is to help reduce the risk of people within our Borough from becoming vulnerable and supporting their emotional well-being.

Previously my confidence and self-esteem was rock bottom.

My confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom after a very abusive relationship - I didn't know who I was or what I was worth.

Susan's story

I’m no longer beating myself up, just learning about life.

I can't believe it took me so long to get some counselling. I had a very stressful job, and saw more than one traumatic event, but the culture there was that you just got on with it - emotional problems were for the weak willed!

James' story

The support and understanding have been the most beneficial experience of my life.

Attending counselling has ended with my confidence 10 times higher than it had been.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness I felt like my life was effectively over - things would never be the same again.

Oliver's story

Counselling allows you to talk about issues in a non-judgemental and confidential setting.

I had put almost everyone in my life first at the expense of my own mental health.

I used to be confident, clever and keen, eager to learn more about life. But I'd started having panic attacks, I was losing sleep, losing my confidence and losing my sense of self.

Lisa's story

Next generation is a non profit organisation working in partnership with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council overseeing the local VCS Forum, bringing all local VCS organisations together identifying gaps in services and disseminating funding via the Commissioning Board to local voluntary and community groups.

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