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BYP Classic Car Club

Gain practical skills and knowledge, raise confidence and increase opportunities for Further Education or the workplace. BYP Classic Car Restoration offers an automobile education programme for young people over 12 years old. Embrace the heritage of these wonderful classic cars through hands on restorations. Team work throughout the restorations fosters a feeling of pride and a sense of achievement. Our intergenerational activities help to raise the individual’s communication skills.

Become a Youth Mentor helping other young people to achieve. Create your own portfolio to support your academic achievements for interviews, raised aspirations to achieve your goals in entering automobile engineering. Get into an overall, under a bonnet and get your hands dirty using workshop tools and equipment. Take part in local Classic Car Shows with our completed vehicles and above all be part of something fun and inspirational.

About the club

Case Study

JT joined the Classic Car Club in 2014 during our restoration of a 1943 Willys Jeep. At first he was very shy and lacking in confidence, finding it difficult to converse with his peers and mentors. Despite the shyness, he persevered and began to show that he had a real interest in cars with an eagerness to learn, showing great attitude towards automobile engineering. He soon became a lot more confident with the other members of the group, both adult and young people and in time he gained an apprenticeship within the automobile trade.

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If you are interested in joining us, please call our office number 01455 632984 or follow the link below to email our office. We ask all potential new members and volunteers to come in to have a chat and find out more about this exciting project.

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Next generation is a non profit organisation working in partnership with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council overseeing the local VCS Forum, bringing all local VCS organisations together identifying gaps in services and disseminating funding via the Commissioning Board to local voluntary and community groups.

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