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I have completely benefited from having counselling and would recommend other people to do so if they have any worries or concerns.

My parents had divorced 5 years ago and dad had remarried. My mum said we had to move to a smaller house in a different area, so I had to move schools as well. I missed my old life.

Jacob's story

We offer a free counselling service to young people within the Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth.

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Our aim is to reduce the risk of young people becoming vulnerable and to help support their emotional well-being.

I had moved schools after my parents divorced and was finding everything hard to cope with.

I went to counselling after my family discovered I had been cutting myself regularly. My arms were a mess, but I couldn't stop doing it whenever I felt really frightened or angry or sad. I didn't understand why I was doing it to myself.

Marie's story

I used to be extremely anxious about the outcome of my exams and failing.

From the age of about 11 onwards, I've suffered from bullying at school. I'm smaller than most lads my age, and a bit of a geek I suppose, But I was terrified of being in school, and the journey to and from school was even worse.

Adam's story

Counselling allows you to talk about issues in a non-judgemental and confidential setting.

For some time I had been going off the rails with drinking and experimenting with drugs.

I didn't feel there was anyone I could talk to about my sexuality which was causing me some confusion. I thought everyone was going to judge me or laugh at me.

Katie's story

Explore your problems and make changes to help your future.

I would often feel very angry towards my parents and sometimes my friends too.

Counselling helped me deal with my emotions. I would sometimes feel very angry towards my parents or even my friends. I felt nobody understood me and I'd do things just to provoke a reaction which would get me into more trouble.

Charlotte's story

Next generation is a non profit organisation working in partnership with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council overseeing the local VCS Forum, bringing all local VCS organisations together identifying gaps in services and disseminating funding via the Commissioning Board to local voluntary and community groups.

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